Welcome to Grand Teton Park!

ColbySmith- Buffalo in a field having a good day

Wildlife Abounds

Here at Grand Teton Park we’ve got it all, buffalo, squirrels, and even more! Probably. I didn’t actually get any good pics of anything else, but hey, what I shot was cool. We had a whole herd of buffalo hangout right by our little convoy, for a while. The closer they got the more pictures we took until I’d about filled an SD card. Everyone was a little nervous to be so close to them but we made it out without any horror stories.

ColbySmith- Buffalo vibing along in a field
ColbySmith- lil boy having a lil snack
ColbySmith- just a little man, with soft ears exploring the forrest

Big Piles of Rocks

The Grand Teton Park actually features a set of mountains by the same name (crazy, right?). They are amazing to see in person, and we were extremely lucky to see them on such a clear day! The clouds all left, and we had clear shots of the range.

ColbySmith- The Grand Tetons
ColbySmith- A solitary cloud over the Grand Teton Mountains
ColbySmith- waterfall. by the Grand Tetons

Lots to see, and lots of people have seen stuff at the Tetons

You def gotta check out the Tetons for yourself, there’s a ton to see, especailly in the Fall. Plus it’s right next to Yellowstone, also a bucket list location. If you like this blog, you should check out this one! She has much better lenses than me.