You Ain’t a Real Artist ’till You Have A Metal Art Print of Your Art.

Gandalf said that. Wise words by a wise man, which I now emulate in this post of my Metal Art Print of a soda can that looks pretty fire low-key.

You had better enjoy this Metal Art Print I made
Metal Art Print feateruingesnad me!
Faek Framed Metal Art Print

I shot this picture during out exciting and hectic big excursion for the class which was 80% of why I wanted to take it! I didn’t know most of what we would do and I’m not even very good or passionate about photos, but I do love traveling and being better than other people at stuff so I’d say it was an opportunity well spent!

I used one of my camera lenses, can’t remember which, and stole some props from other stations to make mine look special. If you’re still reading this for some reason here’s a little secret, the flavor of Monster in that can is actually peach. I just covered it up with props and named it Citrus Energy to throw everyone off the trail. Only a true Monster fan will know what I did.