ALPHA ZERO – Minimalist Tech-Wear Clothing Designs

I created several tech-wear themed t-shirt designs in Adobe Illustrator, printed them on shirts, and had a photo shoot with them. Each design is totally unique and built by me. They are minimalist, vector, clean designs with sharp edges, abstract themes and high contrast. I built a full Tee Public store filled with similar designs that I passively make money from.

I saw a need in the market for shirts that anyone can wear, and that can adapt to your style and vibe. Instead of adding text to force the wearer to share my message or branding, I chose to simply make designs that are simple, but interesting. Themed, but open-ended. I make shirts that share your message, not mine.

Vector Tech Wear Centered Skulls Angle
Vector Tech Wear angled cyber spine
Vector Tech Wear Proposal pt1
Vector Tech Wear Proposal pt2

All the designs you see and many more are available for purchase HERE

Check them out!

Mockup Photo

Here I used this project as the final step in creating a tri-fold visual resume. This demonstrates my skills quickly with very visual examples to showcase past projects and current skills.

Minimalist Tech-Wear Designs OutSide
Minimalist Tech-Wear Designs InSide