I make The Accountant for my Action Movie Poster Recreation

The Accountant (staring me)

This Action Movie Poster Recreation was awesome!

For a school assignment I used a few Adobe products and my Canon camera to build The Accountant action movie poster with my face. I used Adobe Illustrator, Lightroom and Photoshop to build this action movie poster. My roommate provided the rifle and coat, while I brought the lights, camera and did all the editing during this recreation.

Let’s Compare

Once you put both images next to each other the complexities hidden in the original become clear. I got a lot of stuff super similar, but still wasn’t able to accurately recreate this movie poster. I used two speed-lights, and a static LED block to get the right lighting on my face and chest.

My camera, a Canon Rebel T5 was mounted on a tripod to get more height and recreate the same angle as the original.



I love movie posters, like the kind at Action Movie Posters. There’s so much creativity used to convey intensity and motivation. I happen to really like The Accountant, so I used the poster with Ben Affleck in it during my project.