Find an ordinary spot around you, and try for an cool shot!

Ordinary Spot, Extraordinary Shot of a church
Before Church shot

What is OSES?

For an Ordinary Spot Extraordinary Shot challenge you need a camera and that’s it. Go out and find a rather ordinary spot to take pictures at. Use you photography ability to take an amazing shot.

This picture example above I took out in a field full of sharp bushes and weeds. Looked nasty, but after I got lower and played with the focus I started getting a look I really liked.

Ordinary Spot, Extraordinary Shot before of a bush
Ordinary Spot Extraordinary Shot of a bush

The more you move around and watch how the light looks, the more interesting your shot gets. For this one I did the same thing as the last one, I just got down and shot up towards the sun. This was a lot of fun, and I recommend it!

I’ve showed other people my little shots and explained the idea and they get really excited and go out and shoot! It’s so fun to look for the beauty all around us then capture it for the world to see.

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