Ever Done an Outdoor Light Painting Picture? Well I Have.

We did a variety of shots with long exposure. Some were using LED light bars and some we sat in a river with a big flashlight and lit up a bridge. Lot’s of fun doing outdoor light painting.

LightLenzPhotos - Outdoor Lightpainting With Lightbars

Some Structures

We had our teacher stand out in a the river to with some powerful flashlights to light paint the bridge over a few different shots.

LightLenzPhotos - Light Painting Bridge with nobody on it

We definitely didn’t almost set the bridge on fire to get this shot. Was fun though.

LightLenzPhotos - Light Painting with steel wool

While we were shoot the above shots there were a few different electric bikes and ATVs that drove by so I grabbed some taillights to add to my collection.

LightLenzPhotos - taillights light painting

If ya liked this then you should probably raise your standards, but since you seem to have a lot of free time check out my other pics here.

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