SQIBB – Bringing the studio to you! Studio Quality With A Speed-Light

You don’t need a full photography studio to achieve studio quality lighting. With just an external speed-light/flash you can make this style of single light, black background style.


  1. Speed-light
  2. Snoot
  3. Camera
  4. Subject
  5. Snacks (optional)

I just used a single light and my camera, in a well lit room to get these shots. The effect can be achieved in full daylight if you know what you’re doing. It takes some practice, but the effect is pretty simple to get. Let’s go over how to achieve studio quality with a speed-light


  1. Position your subject
  2. Shut out light from your camera by turning your shutter speed and f/stop to make you image completely black
  3. Set up a speed-light at an angle to your subject, make sure it’s synced to your camera via a trigger, then shoot!

You’ll need to play with the settings depending on your lens and how much light is around you, but that’s it! If you need a speed-light you might like this one I found on Amazon for cheap.

Looking for this effect for your own photos? Reach out and book a session or with questions!

Studio Quality With A Speed-Light Examples

LightLenzPhotos Studio lighting speed-light Xbox controller
LightLenzPhotos Studio lighting speed-light portrait