A Vector Tech Wear t-shirt collection

I designed these Vector Tech Wear shirts and shot these photos. I currently sell similar designs online, and wanted to try my hand at shooting them on actual models. All the shots ended up being very similarly themed with high contrast and a black background. I originally wanted to shoot them outside but Nature said no. The average outdoor temperature during the shoots was 20F. Not ideal for models with no coats.

Vector Tech Wear Swords design
Vector Tech Wear angled cyber spine
Vector Tech Wear Centered Skulls Angle


Here are the three designs I built for the shirts. I used Adobe Illustrator to make the graphics. These were some of my favorites.

Vector Tech Wear CyberSpine
Vector Tech Wear Design Swords
Vector Tech Wear Centered Skull

The Shoot Was Fun

I used speed lights and flashes to get this dark background look. By increasing my shutter speed and shrinking my aperture I was able to black out the background. The flashes kept the models in focus. The white designs reflected the light extremely well, doing the highlights I wanted almost in-camera.

Vector Tech Wear left light swords
Vector Tech Wear silhouette skull
Vector Tech Wear Angle Swords

Project Proposal

Vector Tech Wear Proposal pt1
Vector Tech Wear Proposal pt2